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NGV Motori, although it has been recently founded, was already born with a thirty years long mechanic experience applied to engines. This new Company concentrated all the know-how and the related individual skills to the conversion of diesel engines into natural gas engines,to the manufacture and maintenance of autobus.
These characteristics allowed our Company to concentrate on two main targets: the co-generation and the TRANSPORT and SERVICES to the public sector.

For the last fifteen years. We have been manufacturing engines converted to CNG combustion, designed for plants for the production, without interruption, electrical power.
In 1989 we decided to operate another field of strategic importance: transports (buses and trucks) and services to the public (garbage collection ,street sweepers etc.)

In cooperation with the public municipal transport administration of Florence (ATAF), is born the first prototype of bus with an engine completely converted from Diesel to 100% natural gas feeding.
Since then, we have understood that is one represented the future of the transport, both for SAVING of money on the fuel cost and, above all, because at the present stage of the technology, this is the only viable system granting an almost complete elimination of air pollution.
At first, we mainly took care of the European and extra-European market. After having built several vehicles for Argentina and Croazia with the cooperation of the Carrozzeria Autodromo di Modena, in 1995/96 we developed the project and manufactured 27 buses fed with natural gas for Egypt. This has been the reason that stimulated many public companies to require our services for the conversion to CNG of their Diesel vehicle fleets. Therefore our today’s efforts are dedicated to the accomplishment of more and more advanced quality levels and to reach new targets and to face, with responsible professional skill all the challenges of this new millennium.

Furthermore NGV Motori, project and realize gas conversion SYSTEMS FOR CARS, with an high technological content and extremely reliable, completely produced and assembled in Italy in accordance with the strict standards ISO 9001. Cheaper, ecological and of simple installing, the NGV Motori gas conversion systems for car, allow a considerable SAVING of fuel, contributing to the saving of the  environment, through a complete elimination of the contaminant exaust emissions, manteining unchanged the driveability characteristics of the vehicle. Today NGV Motori, export its products worldwide and is a strong and firm reference point leader in its field, always lay to research and developing new technologies, to keep pace of the market evolutions, for all of those that in a conversion system for car, are looking for the highest quality, reliability and confidence, completely Italian made.      
The Company also offer the possibility to convert diesel vehicles with DUAL FUEL
(mixure diesel-gas), that meets market requirements in alternative to the dedicate systems. This type of solution guarantee significant savings on the cost of fuel, as well as the abatement of the emissions, in particular fine powders (particulate). 


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5589 Callcott Way Suite 1416
Alexandria, Virginia 22312, USA
Ph: (703) 750.0619
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A-21-22, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area
Azadpur, Delhi-110 033 INDIA
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147 3rd floor
Corner OF 47st and
Anawrahtar St
Botataung TS
Yangon - Myanmar
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NGV Asia Branch
202, 11st floor, Le Concorde tower
Ratchadaphisek Road, Huay Kwang District
10320 Bangkok - THAILAND
Tel: +66-(0)2-6941996/8
Fax: +66-(0)2-6941911

Bogotà - Colombia
Tel: +57- 315-3070023

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